Dynamics Trans is a specialized business solution designed for medium-sized and large companies in the transportation, freight forwarding and shipping sectors. Based on the latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, the software consolidates all business operations and provides a comprehensive overview of transactions, orders, routes, and resources. Furthermore, you can access it from anywhere, anytime on your mobile device thanks to its mobile functionality based on Dynamics Mobile. Dynamics Trans will assist you in decreasing the operating expenses, minimizing the potential for errors in the documents handling process, optimization of the operational process, integration of the whole information in one centralized database, decreasing harmful emissions for the environment and many more.

All the functionality you need on a single platform

Dynamics Trans is specially designed for companies from the transportation industry, embedding all the functionalities you need to complete your daily tasks along with your strategic planning. The platform is very flexible so each module can be easily customized to fit even the most specific business processes. Dynamics Trans requires a minimum of 10 users.

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With Dynamics Trans you can easily organize all your daily operations:

  • Get all your data on a single platform
  • Improved cost control including reduced fuel costs
  • Easily track all your vehicles and know their parameters
  • Control fleet maintenance operations
  • Set your KPIs and get valuable insights on key metrics
  • Create orders in a few clicks
  • Improve customer service
  • Accurate estimation of the revenue from transportation agreements
  • Аutomated reminders on key deadlines
  • Multi-language setup


Dynamics Trans is fully focused on transport and freight forwarding companies. With numerous projects delivered for companies of different sizes, we guarantee we can help you get the most of your IT investment!

What is your role?

All management and operational teams use Dynamic Trans functionalities to gain control over sales, marketing and financial operations, optimize the supply chain, analyze performance and productivity, and make informed business decisions.

Gain full visibility on the performance of your transportation and freight forwarding business in real-time. Make decisions based on powerful analyses and drive business growth, utilizing proven modern technologies.

Take advantage of the consolidated business software, managing your financial operations in one place and using integrated data from all departments.  It is easy to keep track of the financial results and produce insightful reports.

With our secure hybrid solution using reliable software systems, modern technologies (AI, Blockchain) and ERP system – you can easily integrate all business processes in the organization and boost business performance.

Ensure your trucks get to their destinations safely, timely and cost-effectively. Get the most out of every single route and monitor all your costs and activities in real-time.

Organize quickly and efficiently transportation of goods. With Dynamics Trans, it is easy to plan the optimum route for each shipment. Stay connected with your staff no matter the distance and get regular updates on the delivery process.

Eliminate the difficulty of keeping track of the maintenance status of your fleet and take advantage of having a register of all your vehicles` service history and automatically filled in serviced books. No matter whether the vehicle service is delivered in-house or in an external repair center, all spare parts, hours of labor and costs will be automatically tracked in Dynamics Trans.

Improve supply chain management in your transportation or freight forwarding organization by automating key activities such as monitoring storage and distribution of goods. Manage warehouse services more efficiently and optimize the full order cycle.

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