Traykov Trans reinvents productivity with the latest version of Dynamics Trans

Traykov Trans is one of the leading haulage companies in Bulgaria. Founded in 1996, it delivers freight transport services across Europe and Turkey. Traykov Trans possess more than 150 trucks and is an employer of a very large workforce, outnumbering 220 people.

Due to the increased number or enquiries, orders and deliveries, Traykov Trans envisaged an integration of single unified digital platform to manage all business processes within the company. Traykov Trans chose Dynamics Trans as their partner in this transformation. The specialized solution helped them optimize the supply cycle by reducing costs for fueling, taxes and tariffs and manage their finance, accounting and vehicle services.

Traykov Trans implemented Dynamics Trans TMS solution including modules such as Service Management, Order Management, Reports and BI, Transport Planning and more.

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