Shega Trans

Shega Trans is a freight transport partner for most of the largest and most important businesses in Albania and beyond. The company operates in the two main areas of international freight transport, land freight and container shipping.

Bon Marine Holding optimizes its business with Dynamics Trans

Bon Marine Holding is one of the leading Bulgarian business entities within the marine business. The large number of companies, diverse business processes and the need for accurate information are some of the reasons that push the management towards the implementation of an integrated business management system.

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Weber Saint Gobain

Weber is a worldwide leader in mortar-based solutions for building construction and renovation. Its well established product range includes monocouche renders, external wall insulation systems, tile adhesives/grouts, levelling compounds and specialist construction products. The company has optimized the performance of its logistics centers with the implementation of Dymanics Trans.

M Trans

M Trans is a company with a 15-year track record in the transportation for large industrial enterprises. It provides internal logistic services, and industrial transportation, possessing a large park of heavy vehicles.

Traykov Trans

Traykov Trans is one of the leading haulage companies in Bulgaria. Founded in 1996, it delivers freight transport services across Europe and Turkey. Traykov Trans possess more than 150 trucks and is an employer of a very large workforce, outnumbering 220 people.


The Company manages logistics centers in Bulgaria. Movio Logistics Ltd. renders consultation services to its partners in analyzing the effectiveness of their logistics activities, and provides solutions for improvement of the supply chain.